Monday, September 3, 2012

rejoicing in the moment

there are so many new puzzle pieces in life right now!

new roommates, no school, studying for the NCLEX, teaching new sign language classes, different involvement in ministry, pretty open days, seeing the boyfriend once a week, spending time in new coffee shops, studying on the couch, hanging out with friends.

this morning i met with the sweet woman who is discipling me, and she encouraged me to love and enjoy every moment of the season of life that i'm in now.

i want to do that.  i want to rejoice in the Lord in every one of these circumstances.

and i realized i can enjoy all of this, i can revel in every moment, i can experience all of this change and newness all at once.  it doesn't have to be compartmentalized.  i think it might make my mind explode, but i want to experience every new moment with open eyes and an eager heart.

this is exciting.

"...Now I declare new things..." Isaiah 42:9

1 comment:

  1. hahaha. glad to see it hasn't really made your mind explode. and that you have been able to be enjoying these moments :)